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Because the Earth is getting warmer and shit.



The Earth ain't looking too pretty these days. We got all this shit going on: pesticides all up in our food, Marlboro in our air, lovely sewage in our water, spicy tuna getting overfished left and right, the ozone just getting owned, greenhouse gases making everything all hot and steamy, and shale oil fracking coming out of left field all of a sudden.

I mean, let's face it here. There's simply no more time to be all cute and cuddly about the environment. It's time to ruffle some feathers, to rub those greedy oil-spilling companies the wrong way, to bitch slap those pollution-loving bastards. Yes. The time has come to say EFF. PLASTIC.

EffPlastic is the most badass green lifestyle brand you've ever laid your eyes on. And that's why we decided to bust a move with our flagship line of reusable shopping bags: Douche Bags. By buying and using them, you're joining the EffPlastic movement and saying EFF YOU to the leading cause of environmental bad stuff: plastic. 

So don't be a douche bag and buy a Douche Bag. After all, the Earth is getting warmer and shit...

EffPlastic, Inc.

Santa Monica, CA